All the moments leading up to today have been part of the journey of which Chef Chad Stewart needed to get him to his newest venture. Whether it was his time in school at Fanshawe College, his experience cooking in the Vancouver Winter Olympics in 2010, working underneath several renowned chefs who shared their intimate culinary knowledge over the years, or the love of food he was born with compliments of his family, all these factors played a part in his decision to now strike out on his own. Secure in the knowledge that he has the skills to shine, Chad stands at the beginning of a new food adventure; his very own new company – Field to Fork Catering.

Field to Fork Catering is a culmination in a lifetime’s worth of appreciation for real food and honest cooking. Chef Chad knows that good food starts with great ingredients, and that is at the core of his newest endeavour. With the contacts he made while working as Executive Chef at Garlic’s of London, Chef Chad now aims to transform the world of intimate cooking. He plans to offer a personalized service for clients who appreciate quality food. With the help of many area farmers, Chad’s intent is to cater to small groups with locally grown, organic products, which naturally enhance his culinary skills. Whether it be organic beef from Clear Creek Farms in Chatham, organic vegetables from Eco-Logic Farms in Aylmer or sumptuous duck found locally at Everspring Farms, all of the ingredients Chad uses to concoct his meals are the best he can get.

Since leaving Garlic’s in the spring of 2015, Chad has quietly catered several small dinners for friends and area businesses. In August, he was invited to cook for a Food Blog Tour in Chatham-Kent, alongside students in Fanshawe College’s Artisanal Culinary Program. It was the perfect place to officially launch his farm-to-table style of cooking—on a working farm. With oohs and ahs from the invited guests, it seems Chad’s foray into the life of a Freelance Chef is destined for success.

Plus, to ensure he keeps current and in touch with the latest food movements, Chad will also be working part-time at his alma mater, Fanshawe College, as a Lab Technician overseeing students in the Chef Training program. The lucky students who get to work under him are bound to benefit from Chad’s experience and love of food.

If you would like to experience Chef Chad Stewart’s mouth-watering, culinary talents in person, he is available for catering events across Ontario. You can be guaranteed a delicious meal featuring only the finest and freshest ingredients grown and raised in your very own corner of Southwestern Ontario. Experience honest cooking the way it is meant to be.

Chef Chad Stewart – Executive Chef

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